Vanishing Deal for a Tasty Meal

I hate it when people put some things on the Internet, but only make it available for a short time period. It usually effects me because I’m one of the unlucky people that misses it. For example, recently there was a really good QR code posted on Snapchat for a free burger. I missed it and thought the code was gone forever, but that wasn’t exactly the case. I wasn’t expecting to be able to hack Snapchat, but I found out there was a pretty easy way to do it without anyone else finding out, and in the process, I would be able to get the code I needed.

After enabling the hack, I was able to find the post that had the QR code and took a snapshot of it on my phone and saved it to my images folder. I went to the restaurant where the free burger was being given out later that day. I was going to use the drive through, but it was full of cars belonging to people who wanted their burger. I went inside, but there was also a long line because everyone was trying to use their QR codes to claim the burger.

Once the line moved enough, I was able to get to the front, where I showed the cashier my QR code. He scanned the code with a scanner at the cash register and it worked. He put in my order for the burger and I didn’t have to pay a cent for it. The cashier asked me if I wanted to buy a fries or a drink, but I didn’t want to spend any more money than necessary. Besides, I had chips and beverages at home that I could eat and drink with my burger if I really wanted something extra.

I Will Be Seeing Something That I Have Never Seen Before

My husband came home one night and asked me if I was interested in going to Colorado with him on a company trip. He said that we would be staying at a ski resort, and there would be plenty of time together after his meetings every day. This was absolutely exciting news to me. I started thinking about buying fur snow boots and really cute, colorful ski jackets for the trip. I had never seen snow in person before, and I was finally going to see it at the age of 30!

When are kids lived at home, we didn’t really have money to travel much. Continue reading I Will Be Seeing Something That I Have Never Seen Before

Finding a Economical Solution for Dark Underarms

Wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress is not something many give much thought to, but for some, it proves to be quite a challenge. There are quite a few who struggle with dark underarms where over the years, their skin has darkened and getting it lighter has become a challenge. It is ordinary to want your underarms to be the same color as the rest of your skin. Although there are different ways to help remedy this issues the best underarm whitening solution is to use a cream to achieve the desired results. Though other solutions exist, this one has shown to be the best option available for long term results.

Dark underarms is a more common problem than many realize. Although people suffer from various levels of severity, it is not unusual to have darker skin on your underarms. This can pose a problem when it comes to wearing sleeveless shirts and dresses in particular. Continue reading Finding a Economical Solution for Dark Underarms

Getting the Rooms in Our Home to All Be the Same Temperature

Our house has two rooms that are perpetually opposite in temperature for each season. The one room is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The other one is too cold in the summer and too hot in the winter. Something needed balanced out, and I could not figure out what it was. I tried adjusting the vents as the seasons changed, but I could not get it right. I called a place that provides HVAC services in NYC to come out and fix the problem. Our heating and air conditioning system was over 30 years old, and we had been saving for an upgrade for a couple of years now. Continue reading Getting the Rooms in Our Home to All Be the Same Temperature

A Better Way to Permanently Remove Hair

One of the first things I do every spring is get waxed. Well, I used to do that until I found a company that does permanent hair removal in Singapore. I love to go to the beach and hang out by the pool when I am not working or have other plans. There is just something really great about feeling the sun beating down on you and just relaxing in it. I always make sure I am prepared though by having plenty of sunscreen and making sure that no unsightly hair is showing anywhere.

Men have it much easier because they are able to be hairy and attractive! Women, on the other hand, do not have that same ability. We get hair on our underarms, our legs, and our bikini lines, and all of that has to be taken care of before putting on a swimsuit the first time of the year. That is why I always got waxed, because it lasted a long time. Continue reading A Better Way to Permanently Remove Hair

Beauty Enhancement for My Girlfriend

My girlfriend Jenny was groomed for greatness at an early age. Her parents always wanted her to be the best at everything she did. She took piano, ballet, and violin lessons when she was younger. Her parents raised her to be a very accomplished young lady. She also many beauty pageants. She always won first place. When she was 18, she decided to get eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. She wanted to win the Miss World pageant so badly.

Jenny went all out to win the competition. She put her heart and soul into it. First, she went on a strict diet. Foods like burgers and fries were out of the question. She decided to become a vegetarian. She ate raw fruits and steamed vegetables. Second, she went on an extreme exercise regime. She did daily exercises to get into shape and tone her body. Continue reading Beauty Enhancement for My Girlfriend

I Am Really Going to Like Raleigh

I was so excited when I started looking at Raleigh apartments. I knew what my budget was, and I honestly wasn’t sure how far that would go for a nice apartment. What I hadn’t considered is that Raleigh is a lot different than Los Angeles, where nice apartments can cost more than a nice car! The cost of living is a lot lower in Raleigh though, which meant that I did not have to worry about not finding a place that I could afford. In fact, it meant that I could actually look at some of the more luxurious apartment complexes instead, since they were well within my means.

The first one I looked at was Midtown Crossing, and I knew that I did not need to look at any others. I liked everything that was available, including all of the amenities. I liked that there is a 24 hour cardio and weight machine fitness center, because sometimes I like to work out really early in the morning. I don’t want to wait around for something to open up if I am already up at 4am and ready to go. Continue reading I Am Really Going to Like Raleigh

Best Options for Cheap Storage

I guess it is settled, I am going to be moving to a new place to live. It is an apartment and it is not so bad, but it would not be at the top of my list if I had more options open to me. But I had to move out and so this will have to do for now. I am not sure why I couldn’t find a larger place to live, but I am going to be moving to a small apartment and so I need to find storage space as well because I will not have enough room in my new place to be able to fit all of my stuff into it.

I guess I might be able to fit all of my stuff into the new place if I really tried to pack it in, but I do not want to appear like a pack rat. Instead, I will just pay for storage space for the time being and store my extra stuff in the storage unit. Continue reading Best Options for Cheap Storage