I Am Really Going to Like Raleigh

I was so excited when I started looking at Raleigh apartments. I knew what my budget was, and I honestly wasn’t sure how far that would go for a nice apartment. What I hadn’t considered is that Raleigh is a lot different than Los Angeles, where nice apartments can cost more than a nice car! The cost of living is a lot lower in Raleigh though, which meant that I did not have to worry about not finding a place that I could afford. In fact, it meant that I could actually look at some of the more luxurious apartment complexes instead, since they were well within my means.

The first one I looked at was Midtown Crossing, and I knew that I did not need to look at any others. I liked everything that was available, including all of the amenities. I liked that there is a 24 hour cardio and weight machine fitness center, because sometimes I like to work out really early in the morning. I don’t want to wait around for something to open up if I am already up at 4am and ready to go. Also, there is swimming pool and sundeck, both of which I knew I would use over and over again.

As for the apartment itself, I got a two bedroom with two baths. Even though it is just me, I like having the extra room in case I have overnight guests. I have a lot of family, and we tend to travel a good bit when time permits, so I wanted to have the space available should any of them want to travel to see me. The rent is the part that surprised me the most, because I would have easily paid more than twice the amount where I had been living before. I have a feeling I am really going to like Raleigh a lot!