I Will Be Seeing Something That I Have Never Seen Before

My husband came home one night and asked me if I was interested in going to Colorado with him on a company trip. He said that we would be staying at a ski resort, and there would be plenty of time together after his meetings every day. This was absolutely exciting news to me. I started thinking about buying fur snow boots and really cute, colorful ski jackets for the trip. I had never seen snow in person before, and I was finally going to see it at the age of 30!

When are kids lived at home, we didn’t really have money to travel much. What took some day trips around our state at times comma and that’s because it is inexpensive to do. All of the rest of our trip had something to do with family. That means But our troops were usually spent going home to see her parents on a holiday or on someone’s birthday. We have three children, so most of her money was focused on them. But now all of our kids are in college, and my husband is making really good money now.

We told one another that we would start traveling more, and I was excited to know that our very first trip having something to do with skiing and seeing snow. I have never skied before, but we will be taking lessons when we reach our destination. I’m having a lot of fun buying all the different warm-weather clothes that you take on a trip like this. I looked at myself in the mirror with my entire ski suit on and I must say that I look pretty cute! Even if it turns out that I’m not very good at skiing later, just seeing snow inperson will be enough for me!